I put a ad on Craigslist, some guy from Nigeria said he would like to buy it from me,?

He said he sent a payment through my PayPal email. I did get a email from PayPal. It said everything it would say. But it said that I would get my money as soon as I gave them the tracking number. I'm new at this so I don't really know if its legit.. This isn't spam is it?

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Sounds like a scam to me.

by Quinton - 1 year ago

NO WAY... this is a great way of having you send the parcel off and never sending money. This is a well known scam.

The moment you send the parcel through the mail, the person will disappear, the email address will be deleted.

When you run ads to sell stuff always include: Nothing will be mailed out until payment is made.
As well, make it clear you are not responsible for items lost in the postage. Some countries are notorious for inefficient and corrupt postal systems.

by Comicbook Reader - 1 year ago

check again. that email might look like it was sent by paypal but its almost certainly not. This is a typical scam. craigslist is only good for cash, in-person purchases.

DEAL LOCALLY WITH FOLKS YOU CAN MEET IN PERSON - follow this one rule and avoid 99% of scam attempts


by Erik - 1 year ago

Scams are listed in the Nigeria national products. Just don't deal with them.

The steal paypal accounts and specialize in exploiting the flaw in banking systems that allow victims to get cash advances on bad checks.

"I will pay you $100 extra if you return $50 to me with Western union..."

by Jake - 1 year ago

It's a scam
1. Craigslist is ONLY for face to face CASH transactions. Anything else is ALWAYS a scam
2. PayPal specifically prohibits ALL transactions with Nigeria due to fraud
3. PayPal will NEVER ask for a tracking number BEFORE the money shows up in your account. Rule Number One of using PayPal is that you NEVER send anything until the money is IN your account
Forward that fake email to and they'll verify it's fake

Now the scammer s going to threaten to call the FBI and even send fake emails pretending to be from the FBI threatening you. Ignore them all. It's all part of the scam

You also need to change your PayPal address. Now that the scammers know it, they will try to hack your account and target you with phishing scams

by Kittysue - 1 year ago

try to verify this first. If they are genuine buyer then they will not request for refund after you shipped the item.

by HUBER - 1 year ago