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    How can I get internet traffic to my website?

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    A really great way to get some free traffic and help your SEO is guest blog posts. You should write really great articles about your niche, and then post it on other sites. When you do guest blog posts you are usually allowed a link back to your site. Their traffic will read it and some will go check out your website. If you use your keywords in the URL sometimes it will help your SEO as well. To get rich traffic is to build relationships with other website owners that have traffic, love what you do, and then share your content. Twitter is also a great place to meet new people who are online and potentially have websites. You can offer to guest blog post, or just engage them in conversation. As you share your posts, they will read it and share it with others. I've also used the site http://myblogguest.com. It is a forum where you can post guest blog posts for others, or get guest post articles for your website. You can buy traffic as others suggest, but usually the traffic isn't that great. In that they aren't interested in what you are writing about and just won't stay long on your site. They will most likely have a high bounce rate and won't be worth much.
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    • As for now, I found Link Collider the best tool to increase your site traffic. You should try that.

      by Angel - 16 hours ago

    • Paid ads work with proven converting sales pages, most try to get "free" traffic from search engines using SEO techniques to improve search result ranking. Be ware of paid traffic sources like 1000 visitors for $10 offers, they tend to be robots or forign language people uninterested in your site, some use fake traffic to raise some ranking factors.

      by Jake - 16 hours ago

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