How do I get indexed by search engines on a consistent basis?

I am trying to operate a new news blog, which means each day I post a news story, but while my site has finally shown up in Google search (not the others), whenever I update my site with a new story, it does NOT show up.

I have google webmaster tools AND analytics. I have submitted my site map and I have SEO set (using an SEO plugin) on all the articles.

What gives!?

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It takes time to get the respect of longer established sites even if you match them in other ranking factors, they probably don't spider your site as often as the bigger players, pinging a new page helps it to be picked up sooner, if your using wordpress your are probably getting automatic pingomatic pings every time you save, check your settings.

Original content, not copy and paste news will earn higher ranking as well.

1 year ago

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Hello Christian101,

You can do bookmarking of your news story, ping same and submit same at article directories / press release sites to get same indexed earliest possible, usually get indexed in a few hours if done properly.


by Robert Harding - 1 year ago