Need info about Trading Domain pls?

Hi. i read trading domain is a one of best online real estate business.
i like to know some details about it.

1. After i bought domain i have to increase its traffic to sell for good price. how do i increase traffic?

2. After gaining traffic. where can i sell it? i read is best place to auction domains? is it?

3. how do i sell it? if its real world house il change documents to buyers name and buyer will transfer money to my acc with middle man and government officers. but in online domain trading how this trade will be done?

thx in advance.

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There are plenty tutorials on domain flipping some cheap ones here:

It seems that domainers may have to maintain a large inventory to be big successes. Part of it is just having the right name when someone needs it, value is often a subjective, in the eyes of the buyer thing, these high inventor domainers 'park' the domains to earn a tiny bit of revenue acting as ad directories while they wait for buyers to approach them.

Certainly there's a degree of cheating in this business of relatively fast returns, some buy traffic from robots or re-routed 3rd world traffic to junk sites, can fake Google Page rank with devious scripting.

When done fairly the methods used to boost a domain's value are much the same as that for increasing a site's value, it may be more profitable for those with more time than money to flip sites rather than just domain names. Flippa is the big marketplace for sites, the Godaddy auction is fine for moderately priced domain names.

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