Does anyone use the site e-poll surveys?

What do they use your address for? And is it a easy to get the 'points' for the gift cards?

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E-Poll is a highly ranked survey site and is BBB Accredited. With survey sites, how well you do depends on what research companies are looking for. Your demographics are used to qualify you for surveys. ie., your, age, race, the region (address) etc. comes into play. If you are one of the lucky ones and can hit the right target group for what the companies are looking for you can do really well. Completing your "Profile Surveys" will help them filter surveys' that you may qualify for, but that does not always mean that you will. They only have so many slots open for each study for each :demographic" group of people. They fill up, or are looking for something in particular and you may not qualify for each survey. As far as being easy, none are easy, you have to put the work in but if you do, you will get the money or rewards you are working toward. Its different for everyone for various reasons. Its also good to join several survey sites to increase your earning potential. Here is a site that lists a few and will be adding more. All free to join, some give sign up bonus and they are ALL BBB Accredited sites.

Always check the sites on or the to learn more about the companies and their ratings.


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