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    how much articles we have to use for 1 website??? for hard keyword for seo?

    please reply asap
    a few seconds ago 4 Answers

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    Hi, There is no answer for this question. There is not set number of articles you need for a website in order to rank well for a competitive keyword. Search engines want to provide searchers with the best results. They use a lot of different factors to rank pages such as how well optimized is your on-page seo, number of backlinks, social signals and etc. If you want to rank fast for SEO. I suggest writing a lot of good contents and earn a lot of good quality backlinks. In conclusion, the answer to your question is there is no set number of articles you must have to rank for a hard keyword for seo
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • To be honest there is no certain number to this, SEO is a long and time taking process and cannot be calculated this way. Totally depends on your site, your competition, your keywords etc etc but even then it would be a wild guess to tell how many articles would be required. Hal Smith URLdreamer Consultant

      by Hal Smith - 13 hours ago

    • Since the Google algorithm updates.. you can't trick the system anymore with an overload of articles and keywords. It doesn't matter how many you have... but they need to be published in a natural time frame... and have relevant keywords.. not stuffed. It's all about quality.. not quantity. By your very question.. one can see that you are thinking in the old SEO method.. I advice you to read up on the recent Google updates and frame your new approach around this. Here is an awesome resource that I always use for SEO: http://kbase.siteserving.com/seo-faqs/

      by C - 13 hours ago

    • Very tough question to answer without knowing which keyword, but if you like you can contact me @ robertu@montrealinternetmarketing.net and I would be glad to help you.

      by Robert - 13 hours ago

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