Does the website actually provide legitimate ids or is this a scam? Anybody familiar?

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.tk means the website is based in Tokelau, an island nation in the South Pacific. These domains are generally associated with scams and malware.
Why would someone on a poor South Pacific island have anything to do with fake IDs? Do you really think they would have any idea what a real ID in your country looks like? Of course it's a scam. i bet they also want you to pay with Western Union, Moneygram or bank transfer, right? A legitimate website would accept credit cards or Paypal so you could get your money back if you got scammed

1 year ago

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scam obviously. Tk stands for trojan keylogger. dont open it.

by Echoe - 1 year ago

I think scam.


by Shaista Jabeen - 1 year ago