Which is the best suggested CMS for these functions?

Hello guys, i want to create a website on a CMS (Content Management System) platform which can perform below mentioned features/functions :
- Media Publishing
- User Registration
- Good for e-Commerce
- Contact Form Creation
- SEO friendly
- News Letter Management
- Search Box to search within the site
- e-Goods Capabilities
- Blogging Capabilities
- Event Management
- Calender Management
- extensions for google adsense and affiliate marketing
- Clean and quality designs

Please guys suggest me a good CMS with a these features/functions
Every point is important
Will be very thankful to you.

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WordPress and Drupal are of the most popular CMSs in the industry today. I think both of them can help you a lot, with your required list of functions in it.

Personally, I would recommend Drupal to you, because it is popular and very user-friendly, for both the company and the customer.

Good Luck!

1 year ago

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Definitely WordPress, no doubt about it.

Hal Smith
URLdreamer Consultant

by Hal Smith - 1 year ago