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    How to persuade my mom to let me buy off of eBay?

    I really really really really rreaaallllywant the iPhone 5, 4s or 4 (most likely the 5) and the sprint iPhone 5 is like 29.00 mint condition or something like that but it was located in the Bronx. I'm in Brooklyn. How do I persuade my mom to let me go one ebay and buy stuff?
    a year ago 2 Answers

    Best Answer

    You promise to your mum that you will always study and get number 1 in class.Maybe you mum will buy it.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • Tell her the price of the phone in stores, what it does, and then tell her the price of the eBay one. Guaranteed her reaction: "SAVE A HUNDRED BUCKS ON A PHONE THAT CAN DO LOTS OF STUFF?! BUY IT"

      by J.R. - 12 minutes ago

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