Problem with eBay. Help?!?!?!?

I have listed my iPad on eBay multiple times now, and I have encountered a big issue. eBay is requesting a large sum from my Paypal to pay fees. I cancelled some items, and it sold twice. The first was cancelled through the resolution center and the second is currently open. It was a scam.

Does eBay still charge a final value fervid your item doesn't sell? Do they charge a listing fee even when the item doesn't sell?

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Listing fee - yes, unless it's a free listing weekend.

Final value - only if it sells.

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If your item does not sell, you do not pay a final value fee.
They might charge a listing or insertion fee - but if the item does not sell - you can usually relist for free.

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by Alicia Sereno - 1 year ago

ebay will always charge a listing fee.

if an item sells and they charge a fee- THEN the seller is found to be a scammer, the fee will be retuned.

by dourdan - 1 year ago