Is there a way to get your ad-sense publisher ID?

Ok, So, I'm a youtuber and I don't place ads anywhere else, so I can't just cache it or page source, My adsense got disabled because I didn't upload in about three weeks due to my computer breaking. So, I have no other way to get my publisher ID, if nobody knows a way, does anyone know how to contact adsense via email or something?
My account is not blocked, it's disabled, I can try appeal for a once-off. I just need the Publisher ID. For the first suggestion, I'd need a whole new youtube account, which I really don't want to do.

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There is no way to get around it. What you can do is download the videos you have now first.
Then create another yt channel but this time you have to link it to..
1. A different email
2. A different social security number like a family member that can go in on this with you as a partnership
3. A different snail mail address mailing address

All those things need to be different of adsense will auto deny it.


1 year ago