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    someone help me EBAY problem!?
    I'm a college student and i usually rent my books for every semester since is cheaper so there is this website called HALF.COM which is partners with ebay. so i rentend two books from an user and one of them when they sent it it was SUPER used. Every chapter was highlighted and i personally didnt care because i don't care about the conditions of the book as long as im able to read the information. So now they charge me 171 dollars for a book the cost 120 general price and they took it out of my bank account without my consent. Also the other book that they rent me was brand new and it was returned just like they gave them to me. what can i do to get my money back because is NOT FAIRR!!!! please help! 170 is an entire paycheck or at least for me =/
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    Contact the seller, if you feel the transaction is unfair or unjust ask for a refund or a price reduction. If seller doesn't agree, open a case. However if the seller accurately described the books on the listings page, you might not be able to do anything. Always contact the seller first.
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    • Sorry about the high prices. They CANNOT take money out of your bank account without consent. The only way is if you give them your banking information. Did you think they would send you the book without taking money out of your account? Next time, buy or rent books from your university bookstore.

      by falsi fiable - 10 hours ago

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