How to increase people to my blog?

I have recently started up a website I wanted to ask for some advice on how to drive traffic? Any advice would be very much appreciated. Also what do you think about the site? What changes would you make?

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Change number 1 - proof your work before just the latest post I counted 2 misspellings and a number of grammatical mistakes. Correct spelling and grammar go a long way toward showing your professionalism.

Driving traffic - how do you market now Do you tweet (using hashtags) after each post? Do you comment on other solar/alternative energy blog posts (using your blog address in your signature?

Offer to write a guest post for an alternative energy blog - this helps the alt energy blogger and promotes your blog.

Have you joined in solar energy/alt energy groups on LinkedIn - great way to meet other similarly minded people and after you have contributed to the comments in the group, people will start to recognize you as a leader and start seeking out your blog (again, post the URL in your signature).

Have you reached out to leading companies in the industry to see if they will send you their promo material and news releases? If you can stay on the leading edge of announcements with relevant info (just don't become a shill for these companies, make sure you continue to do your homework), people will start seeking you out.

Do some research on social media marketing - there are tons more ideas on getting known in Social Media out there. Find them and use them.

Just a few marketing ideas - remember, just because you build a better blog does not mean people will beat a path to your doorstep.

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Write something interesting

by Ariel - 1 year ago