Good websites for a market researcher ?

Can someone tell me some good websites that I can read research findings/articles?

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Hi Darshana,

Without a specific topic, I can't really give a direct answer, but the best way to find articles or research on any topic is to go to Google and type in the following:

your market+ezines
your market+press release
your market+blog
your market+forum
your market+website
your market+magazine
your market+research findings

Obviously replace "your market" with whatever market you are researching and you won't actually include the + sign.

EX: if I were researching weight loss, I would enter in "weight loss ezine" into Google Search, and Google should return any electronic magazines on the topic. You can do that with all of the above combinations and you should find more than enough articles on just about any topic you can think of.

Hope this helps. Take care and happy new year! :)


1 year ago