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    where to download seo optimization tool?

    Just want to build a good backlinks for my blog. help.
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    There are really many to choose from.. Try visiting this blog. It may find you a best software thats suits. seoandtrafficsoftwaresdownload.blogspot.com
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    • My favorite tool is SEOMoz. They track every statistic about your site and tell you what errors and issues there are with your site. it mostly helps with on page optimization and will track off page optimization.

      by Matt Sewell - 8 hours ago

    • i web tool is best tool

      by Jack - 8 hours ago

    • I would definitely advise against building links with a tool until you know EXACTLY what you are doing. That will save you so much money from all the tools that are available that promise 1st page rankings but will do nothing but get your site penalized by Google. My recommendation is to learn what good off page SEO is and what you should stay away from. One of the current links that Google is frowning on is Forum Profile links and links from Blog Networks. They can see this in your back links because of low IP and Domain Diversity. If you have 20,000 links coming from 100 or 200 different domains, Google views that as suspicious and will penalize your site because it looks spammy. Domain and IP link variation cannot be achieved with just one tool. You will need a good understanding of the various tools you use to build links, but nothing beats good ole manual link building. Think as much variation as possible in your link building. Your anchor text needs to be changed up and should not be more than 10% exact match for the keyword you are trying to rank for. Meaning, if you have 100 links, 10 should be exact match for the keyword you want to rank for, and the other 90 should be latent semantic indexing and general variations of that keyword. Keyword selection is also important here. You can easily waste SOOOOO much time if you go after keywords that have high SEO competition and/or no commercial intent. In some cases, keywords you go after have absolutely no search volume. You need good quality training tutorials on all of these processes. And there are resources to get that training free. My source below is where all these tutorials are compiled, again, free training. It will give you a great foundation for how to link. You can then take that knowledge and find tools that will build these types of back links over a large variety of domains and IPs. You can then manage your Anchor text variation as well, and have great links that will beat any competition. Hope this helps and good luck!!

      by Jack - 8 hours ago

    • Most of the effective quality tools, like the only moderately evil SEnuke are too expensive for an individual operator, better to pay an SEO who already knows how to use the tools to generate some backlinks. Mistakenly getting 1000 spam comment links overnight is the sort of thing that can do more harm than good. Links are expected to appear at a steady rate. You can assume that one reason Google collects traffic data, some from 3rd party services is to validate a site's linking pattern, since a webmaster getting his own links violates their guidelines, if you are getting legit backlinks from people who have visited your site you might get something less than 1 backlink for every ten visitors, Red flags would be flown if they find you have 10 backlinks for every visitors. You can find backlinking services on webmaster and internet marketing forums sometimes a small supplier of private blog network links may be safer than the heavily advertised ones that seem to all get de-index in time. There are some worthwhile gigs offered on Fiverr.com including submissions to multiple blog networks. Some are so paranoid about getting the "Unnatural link pattern" warnings being sent by Google in higher frequency, that they make their backlinks undo-able, like linking to pages that 301 redirect to your content and never sending junky links to the home page which you can't delete should things get ugly. One site helpful in find relevant candidates for manual backlinking is: http://dropmylink.com/ Again it may be wisest to manually just a few links a week to a new site with no significant traffic.

      by Jake - 8 hours ago

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