Is a free developed website rank lesser than other websites in search engines?

Just wondering if getting rank in search engine if your website is designed by free tool is difficult.

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No, it all depends on you or the site creator, who developed that site. When you developing a site you have to know basic knowledge of on page SEO, because that will count in optimization process.

You can do off page SEO, whenever you want.


1 year ago

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Hi Joe!

No, the tool you used to build the site (whether it was free or you paid for it) doesn't determine your Search Engine Rankings. Those are determined more by the content of your site, the keywords and descriptions you've used, and the "freshness" of the content. (Updating it frequently also helps you rise in the rankings.) The more traffic you bring to your site, the more popular it becomes in the rankings as well.

by Karen - 1 year ago