How do I complain about an ad on craigs list?

I looked for an hour and could not see how to do it. There is an ad for a place for rent that is all phony, and I would like to complain, if anyone knows then thankyou

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Isn't there a flag it button? after a few bad votes the ad would be removed.

Just click one of those in the upper right
please flag with care: [?]
spam/overpost use this when in doubt.

They have thousands of users a day and a limited staff and don't have the man power to read through lengthy complaints.

1 year ago

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There are millions of them.
Craigslist = Scams List.
The posters do not own the property at all.
Just pictures they put up.
They will then ask for a deposit and mail you a key.
You try the key, and it won't work.
Easy scam to run.
I thought everyone on Craigslist knew about these scammers.

by Go with the flow - 1 year ago

They are always there. Craigslist is free to anyone to advertise. They cant do anything about it since the advertisers are anonymous. On the listing you can flag it so CL can remove it.


by Flower - 1 year ago