language related problem for seo?

thanks 4 all ans.
please clarified 1 more thing the command of such language jst lyk .net, php, xml, css, javascript are also imp. for SEO
Which language r imp. nd necessary for seo.

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php, xml, css & javascript are used for web development with most servers, although the majority of SEO work does not require coding. There are automated tools that create xml site maps, layout optimixation and meta data entry is most likely to be done with an editor that reduces the actual code writing. One should be able to at least glance over hrml code and recognize the structure it defines and the anchor text and noFollow tag of links.
There are certainly SEO automation tools written in php and javascript but most SEOs buy or rent the tools ready made.

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You can get the same results with any kind of language.
Hal Smith
URLdreamer Consultant

by Hal Smith - 1 year ago