Ebay Scam? OR not? What do you think?

I'm selling an item on ebay, but the buyer want's me to ship the item and give him an tracking order before he pays. I'm skeptical about this and i've never had anything happen like this before.

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Nope it's a scam. Buyer must always pay before item ships out. I use ebay constantly and sell stuff also and if the buyer doesn't pay i don't ship it out. Tel them u are not shipping the item out until the buyer pays and if he refuses open an "Unpaid Item" case on them.


1 year ago

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That sounds like a scam. Never send anything before it's paid for.


by Och Aye! - 1 year ago

You should use Paypal. Paypal will make sure you won't have a scam. :)

by Directioner - 1 year ago

Trust me, you don't want to deal with this person. If you refuse to ship until after they pay, they will find another way to scam you.

The smartest move is for you to add them to your blocked bidders list and ignore them.

by GinoParisian - 1 year ago

report him and get his bid removed

by dourdan - 1 year ago