Transferring Wordpress/Blogger Blog to your own website and server?

I would love to know a way to transfer my Blogger/Wordpress blog to my own server (not blogger's/wordpress', but my own), with different domain name.

So that I have my self control on blog and Bandwidth, without affecting my current Traffic Of-course!

Help would really be appreciated.


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Hi Mohak,

To start, I just want to let you know that this is do-able.

I am assuming you have a free blog.
There are two ways to make this happen.

1) You can sign onto your blog and on the left hand side menu bar, click on "STORE." They provide a lot of options to help you create a new website. you can simply purchase the $13 domain name and mapping. This option will allow to help you purchase your own domain name ( Then you can also purchase "Site Redirect" for $13. This option allows you to redirect all the people already visiting your free blog to your new site. So you don't lose traffic.

Once you have your own domain name and set up, you can simply download the wordpress importer plugin and import all your own content to your new website. From here, you move on to customizing your site with plugins and widgets and build traffic.

2) The second way is for you to purchase a domain name yourself and find a webhost to host your site. Usually most webhost service provides domain purchase as well. I suggest Siteground ( since that is the one I've been using. Purchase domain name for free and cheap web hosting.

Once you signed up and purchased a domain, download wordpress content management system (CMS). Once that is done, log into your new website and download the WOrdpress Importer plugin I mentioned above and import your blogs. If you don't want to lose traffic, you can use the $13 redirection to redirect traffics. If you want to save money, you can simply remove all the posts and post a post saying you've moved and link it to your new website.

I suggest you using the 2nd option since you have more freedom with webhosting and etc.

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By searching Google there are quite a few links for information. This is one:

by Neil - 1 year ago

Your Blogger/Wordpress question is a bit confusing, the strategy wold be different depending on whether you are moving from Google's Blogger or a hosted account.

Here's Neil's link for transferring fro the proprietary Google Blog platform available only on the Blogger host, to Wordpress, the industry standard typically having an easy installer on paid hosting accounts. Some translation of sorts has to take place.

If moving a Wordpress site from one host to another, I understand there is a commercial blog cloning tool that makes the process painful, otherwise I believe you can use the internel database backup and restore functions to create a portable data file and get most of the content back in place, but may have to manually re-import photo assets (I have not moved a site)

by Jake - 1 year ago