How to search on craigslist?

I know you type it in the "search" bar, and it gives you results for the area you are in. Sometimes, it will even show "nearby results." Is there anyway to search the entire US? For instance, on ebay you can search within 25 miles or 250 miles. On craigslist, the nearby results are like 50 miles away. Can you increase that to 200 miles away?

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will - for searching craigslist nationwide, I use Google and type in "" a space, and then the name of the item I'm looking for.

For example, if I'm looking for a Mercedes R350, I type in " Mercedes R350" (leave out the quotation marks) and Google will give me every craigslist ad across the country that includes those terms.

If you don't want to search the entire country, you can set Google to search "Nearby" by City, Region and State.

I usually limit my searches to the previous week, to avoid expired listings.

Hope that's helpful and Happy New Year!


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I don't think so because Craigslist is for local buying and eBay is more for long distance.

by smartypants22 - 1 year ago

try - it's a search engine that's optimized for craigslist. You can search for something by zip code, and put in a radius to search around that area.

by TK - 1 year ago