question about hyphenated web domains?

My site has been up for a year or so and ranks well for the searches I require but I have recently read that having more than one hyphen in a name might cause the site to rank less well in future as Google refine their algorithm. It seems that hyphenated names are more likely to be spam sites. Is there a way around this that is reasonably simple. For example could a I buy a new domain name and redirect hits from the old site to the new without losing position in the Google search. Any help much appreciated.

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Two hyphens doesn't seem terminally bad, historically hyphens were considered acceptable word separators and were thought to not harm ranking beyond adding to the character length, realistically like a .com is perceived to have more value than a .biz, it's a pain to type hyphens mking them less desirable for type in domasins found in print.
A Google insider reportedly said that multi hyphen names were counted to measure the effectiveness of spam site filters.

The hypens may be a disadvantage that established site age may overcome, I agree a 301 redirect will pass link juice to a new site, though I would expect a dip for a couple months in any transition.

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Can't help you with the computer stuff,but have you ever contacted Hawkwind/Hawklords,to see if they'd use you?

by Bear - 1 year ago

Dunno about all that, but I do have a bit of advice: your web page title and phone number all come across kind of pixelated like an over-compressed jpg. Might want to clean that up a bit.

by SSF Tofudebeast - 1 year ago