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    How do you advertise your product online if you haven't got any credit card?

    i have been banned from facebook because i went on pasting my links on pages. but i want my book to be read cause i know it's great. so, if there's a way of bouting this product without paying, please let me know. OR Looking for a partner for my book project. I am writing a great, I mean, unprecedented novel – Another Dimension – which I am releasing in my country in chapters. I want it to release it online and I want to have a considerable readership. But most advertising sites ask me to pay them through a credit card. I don’t have one cause in my country, such things are uncommon. So I would like to meet someone who has got maybe an ebay or any like that account or who can create one for me and help me advertise my novel. This novel is really great and it’s taking us to Hollywood. So partner, show up. Thanks. Waited for chapter one? Here it is! It’s nothing you’ve ever seen, I mean read. You’re going to like it so SHARE it. But if you don’t like it, SHARE it still. And come on guys, only 200 views for the Prelude. That’s far from our objective of 1 Billion readership. You’ve got to cooperate more. Why not paste the link to 10 different locations so we can get more readers? Remember, our target is Hollywood with ANOTHER DIMENSION THE ANIMATED MOVIE. Blessed in Christ. http://newmeli.blogspot.cz/2012/12/chapter-1-meeting-denver-and-friends.html
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    You can use Link Collider.
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    • Dinosaur, oh wow. good luck getting it to hollywood lol.

      by Devius - a day ago

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