Can I get in trouble for clicking on an ad?

I clicked on this ad on here by mistike.
It was the Aftershock ad with the President on it.
thanks Jake! I am using my XBOX 360 by the way.
thanks Jake! I am using my XBOX 360 by the way.

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No problem accidentally visiting a page promoted by an advert, the chances of it being virus infected are probably low. You might find more similar ads following you about as your visit to the site shows an interest they like to follow up on.

Those who spend their day clicking ads for products they actually have no interest in, in order to earn a couple of pennies is a form of fraud though I have not heard of the clickers being prosecuted it may be bad for your karma, considering the small companies losing money paying considerably more than your clicker fee for a worthless visit.

The biggest risk is someone hosting ads on their blog to generate fake clicks, the ad networks have fairly sophisticated algorithms that can detect fraudulent clicking patterns.

1 year ago

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The only way you could get in trouble is if you gave them your credit card number or entered any personal or financial information.

by rtfm - 1 year ago