The hidden catches of Ebay?

I had a few questions for Ebay.
I'm looking to purchase a laptop on it, which the highest bidding price is at 91 dollars.
First of all, I think that is extremely low for this laptop I'm interested in.
If I made a bid, will I have to pay that amount even if I don't obtain the item?
Also, can the seller back out if that is the highest bid?
Is there any other hidden fees apart from the shipping fee?
This auction says shipping is free, so would that mean that I would only pay $91 exactly?
Can I use credit card or does it HAVE to be pen pal?
I just think all of this is too good to be true, so I need confirmation.

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If its an auction, the current price is $91. You won't know what actual price it sells for until the auction ends. Many people bid in the last minute. The price could quickly jump from $91 to $500, who knows. It depends on who else "out there" will bid on that computer and how much money that are prepared to pay. Only the winning bidder pays, they pay the amount that they won the auction at. No one else pays anything and obviously they get nothing. Check regarding "free shipping" it may only be for local deliveries. Always check with the seller. But a seller can "not sell" to the highest bidder if they decide they don't like the price they got (ie not enough) common excuses are "it got broken" or "it was advertised elsewhere and already sold but I forgot to cancel the listing". It happens,njust as sellers have buyers who win auctions and then decide not to pay. If you want the least problems, only deal with sellers who have sold lots of items and have high feedback score ie sold over 200 items for 99% positive feedback. PayPal is the payment facility that is used - it enables buyers to pay sellers safely and quickly.

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Used electronics come with absolutely no warranty. Potential problems:

No Windows O/S. A new copy will cost you a couple hundred dollars.
No other software.
Broken items that you don't discover for several weeks.
It's 100% broken.

The old saying, "If it's too good to be true, it probably is!"

eBay doesn't accept credit cards. If you use your credit card with PayPal, the normal credit card warranty does not apply.

by falsi fiable - 1 year ago