Review failed Amazon guideline?

How does this review fail amazon's guidelines:

"This review is from: Poise Ultra Thin Light Pads With Wings 24 count (Pack of 6) (Health and Beauty)
I wrote:
"It does what it's supposed to do.
"Poise with wings" is hard to find in brick & mortar shop so I order them from Amazon."

How does this review fail Amazon's guidelines?
I used twenty-five words, it's not obscene & I think I followed the guidelines.
So someone, please tell me where is the 'guideline fail" in this review.

(I picked "Words & Words Play" for posting to as I suspect it is how I worded my answer or how the guidelines are to be interpreted that is the problem).
Darn!! Y!A. That last bit iparenthesesis about word & word play I deleted out. I don't know why Y!A didn't let the delete go through. Another darn glitch probably by Y!A, (maybe amazon is run by the same who run Y!A)

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It's direct and to the point....

I guess they want a lot of fluff and offer simplicity and too the point.

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