What's the best way to get clients for mobile bartending or get a lot of traffic to your website?

I just started my mobile bartending business but i am having a hard time getting clients i did almost everything i can think of from making business cards, facebook page, instagram and a website. spent a good amount of money on equipment but still nothing!

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Try running a contest on Facebook offering your services for free as the prize.
I had a marketing consultant help me. She is great. Try contacting her and having a chat with her she will be able to help you build your business.

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Hey! Try email marketing !

Opt-in bulk email campaigns bring obvious benefits:

1.Increase website traffic
2.Bring in new leads
3.Renew old clients
4.Keep your clients updated on your products and services
5.Strengthen client relationships
6.Promote and builds your brand awareness

And more...

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Okay so you have a website, using social media sites, and offline marketing strategies.
Now you just need to increase your websites rankings by using the right keywords for your target market. You should try the google ad words tool:

Commenting in blogs (WordPress) and posting in forums are good ways to increase traffic. Make sure you have a marketing signature url that you sign with, that links back to your website.

You Tube is another great way! People love videos!

I would really like to send you some information. Just took a social media marketing class and have lots of material to share. I may be interested in using my newly found skill in helping your Business. Just send my your email.
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