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    making a blog on my Wordpress site?

    I understand that Wordpress is one big blog in and of it self. I'm looking to have a section on my website just be about blogging. I have some knowledge on how to start a page/post after creating mysite.com/blog. But instead of being one big long page that goes on forever, I'm looking for something where I can add a post and have newer and older posts still link to every post that I add. Something like this site http://totemtravel.com/young-adults-seeking-fun-vacation-europe.html where it's connected by the arrows at the bottom of each post. If I understand correctly, this helps with SEO? the links within the site and the backend (which I understand that part.)? Or does it not matter if the posts are "linked"? All that matters is if you have the proper content and backend SEO? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
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    You can probably get a prev/next post navigation plugin for wordpress. A standard approach for making a wordpress site look less like a blog is to pick the Static Home Page option, you start by creating 2 pages in advance one to become the home page the second a sort of compilation of all posts, in perhaps the view settings you check the static home option and designate which page is the home page.
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