How do I put the links at the top of wordpress , for example Home , about , contact. I think its link HELP?

How do I put the links or tags I don't know what you call them , usaly where its says home , contact , about and more stuff , please help , I want to put it on my word press blog , for example at the top of my blog it must say , Home , Games, pc hardware, events , about , so please help

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I have found that some themes I use do not automatically show the pages in the navigation. I make a custom menu in the menu tool. First creating one called 'Primary' or whatever you like, then indicating which pages I want to include in that navigation.

Hope that helps.


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By default, that menu bar shows all of the pages. That when you create the About Me page, you choose to create a page rather than a new post, it should then automatically appear in the menu bar.

by Jake - 1 year ago

They are the pages of a Wordpress blog so create the pages you require and save them in the hierarchical order you want them displayed.


by Neil - 1 year ago


What you need to do is create a "Menu." That is what shows up at the top of your website bar.

Let's create a scenario. You have a website and at the top, you want to have Home, Games, PC Hardware, Events, and About Us. Everytime you post a new blog on Games, it will appear under the Games section, and same with when you post new blogs on PC Hardware, it will appear under PC Hardware section. (is this what you want?)

To do this, you will have to
1) create "Categories" for Games, PC Hardware, and Events.
2) Go to Appearance then Menus
3) On the right hand side, enter a name for this menu and click "Create Menu"
4) On the left hand side, under the cateogies box, check on the category names and click on Add to Menu button.
5) Click oN Save Menu
6) On the left hand side under Theme Lcations, Choose the Menu you created and click Save

Now these should appear at the top of your website. whenever you write a new post, you categorize them under one of those Categories and it should show up when people click on the link at the top of your website..


by Tommy - 1 year ago