Im trying to make a business out of buying and selling sneakers im only 14...?

So far ive started and i want to know your opinions and if this is a good way to make a business for a kid
Also the way im doing my business is buying retro jordans which sellout quickly and reselling them for more because they are sold out

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doesnt sound too reliable..

i knew someone who used to sell cans of coke and stuff like that during high school for a profit.

he'd buy 30 packs of soda and pay around $0.40 per can, then sell the cans for $2 each.

he made over $2000 in a year.

1 year ago

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I don't think it is a good business for you. You are likely to buy the sneakers at the same places that your customers can buy sneakers. In order to make money reselling, you need a way to obtain the merchandise at a lower price than your customers can. Otherwise, there is no reason for your customers to buy from you. The sneaker business is a difficult business even for multimillionaires.

A 14 year old can make money by providing a service. Mow lawns, babysit, organize files, teach illiterate adults how to read. A rising trend that you can capitalize on is picking up dog poo. Seriously! People don't want to pick up after their dog. Setup a weekly schedule to go to the owner's house to clean up the backyard. Invoice them for $20 a week. Easy money.

by Karl - 1 year ago