Do you pay Zazzle fees?

As I was checking out the, create a product, it says add to cart and gives me a price? Am I buying a physical product of my design? I just want to sell my design. If I create a product am I paying for the design, or do I ever pay anything, or a fee? Maybe I misunderstood, but what I understood it as, you can design anything and sell it on your store. You don't owe anything to zazzle, they just take a percentage out of your profit? Maybe I'm wrong, I don't know. (Is it just possible to make a design and sell it on zazzle, without it costing me?)

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When you sell at Zazzle, they have a base price, and you mark up your royalty as you choose. The lowest royalty is 10%, but you can choose higher. You just upload your design onto the products that you want, and the product is then added to your store on the Zazzle site. When someone comes to your store (ex.,, and purchases the product with your design, you will receive your royalty. It does not cost you anything to set up a Zazzle store, or to add your design to products for sale.

They don't take a percentage of your profit... you decide how much you want to make on each product. Of course, if you markup is too high, you wouldn't sell much. Markups need to be consistent with what is available throughout the Zazzle marketplace if you want to be competitive.

The only exception to receiving your full royalty is if someone else brings in the sale through their efforts. For example, if I manage a blog and I feature your product on my blog, the customer would click the link from my site with my referral number attached. When they purchase your product, your royalty would be 20% less than your markup.

Here is some info on royalties:


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Zazzle takes a percentage of the sale. It doesn't cost you out-of-pocket


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