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    How to advertise the business I work for?

    Actually, I have three questions. I'm going to college to become a marketer. I am starting tomorrow to work for a pedicab company. First question is, how can I advertise the business to get lots of customers? I've been looking online, and I know the general advertising but I want to advertise in a unique way. Second question, what else can I do for the customers so I can sell more? Sell chocolates? A picture? Etc. Third question is, I want to tell my manager i'm into marketing and if I can help him advertise his business, is that too over the top? Should I just stick to being a driver?
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    You can use a site called Link Collider which is free to use to get thousand of Page Views, followers, Tweets and Shares.
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    Other Answers

    • Hi, Advertising is the best way to get lots of customers and promoting your business. There are many ways of advertising. You can customize banners in good and attractive designs with your beautiful company logo. You can also customize some information about your business in banners. It is a unique way of advertising and attract customers.

      by Josephine - a day ago

    • Be sure to put the name of the company and the phone number on a sign on the cab. I hope that you have a unique name and style. Can you print up brochures or flyers and put them in the major hotels and the convention center and the visitor's center and the museums?

      by hottotrot1_usa - a day ago

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