Craigslist Is The Worst?

Ive been using that site for sometime to try to find jobs and what not and now i have a marketing job and i wanted to make an ad on craigslist to advertise. I make an ad and then they ask me for a phone number? And then when i give them the one i have they say they dont accept it?? So what i cant post ads at all?? It makes no sense. Does anyone else know any other websites that are similar to craigslist and popular? The only one i know of is BackPage but id like to know of some more since craigslist is apparently out of the question for me.

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I havent really ever had any problems with cragslist they have always got me signups and sales but I also have had good luck with ebayclassifieds. These have brought me sales and there is so much more here

1 year ago

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Craigslist does not allow anyone to post marketing ads (or work at home ads) on their site. Make your own website and post anything you want. Costs $120 a year and is completely controlled by you.

by Ed Atun - 1 year ago