Where To Create Ebook To Sell Online?


Do I need to upload it in PDF or can it be something else?

Does it matter?

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Absolutely do NOT use PDF. It's a dead format, and anyone who says it's what you should use doesn't know what they're talking about and you should avoid taking any information from them seriously.

If you want to sell your book online, you go through Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing program and through Smashwords.


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You should use PDF format as it is having good security feature. Like you can control whether your document can be saved or not. Text can be selected or copied or not.

by Kundan - 1 year ago


by Sky - 1 year ago

In general, I recommend PDF format. It is very portable, can be read on almost any platform - PC, MAC, Mobile devices, etc. and you get total control of your product. You can use any method you choose to sell it - ie, You can host a dedicated website or free blog site to sell it, like,, even Facebook, etc.

PDF ebooks are extremely common because they are easy to email, put on a website to download, post it to social media sites like Facebook, share it, etc.

If it is an ebook for sale, then I would create a pdf and marketing it on my own using a dedicated website and/or FREE social media sites as I mentioned above, Youtube as well. This way I get to keep 100% of the profits (minus any fees charged by Paypal or other payment processor).

I might also consider publishing it through Amazon and/or the Kindle store using createspace. You will have to share the profits with Amazon but it is one of the best places to get free expert marketing of your product. And, they handle all of the logistics - they take payment and fulfill the orders for you.

You can use Microsoft Word to create your ebook and save it as PDF. If you need a FREE solution, use Open Office. It is fantastic, does most of what the Microsoft Office does, and it is FREE!

Hope this helps!!


by Brian - 1 year ago