Creating a website help?

i wanna create my own site instead of using sites like wordpress

I want my own .com and everything

how can i do this for $10

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With $10 you can not go far. You might be able to buy your domain and host it for a month or so. If you want a long term website, you need more than $10 unless you create free websites using, or but it seems like you don't want to.

To create a website, first you need to buy a domain name and then find a web host to host your domain. Once, you have your domain name and web host, you need to find a content management system you want to use and download themes unless you want to do all the HTML yourself.

I would recommend as your content management system. Easy to use. (Note: There are and, 2 different sites. is the free blogging site and is the CMS people use to manage their website).

Here is a link that teaches you how to create a website from scratch:

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First you need to LEARN how to code in HTML and CSS.

You can use any text editor like NOTEPAD to write HTML Code. Just save the file as HTML instead of TXT.

After you get your web page written you need a Host server to put it on. That will cost you a fee.

And you will need a Domain Name ( that will cost you a yearly fee.\

Your not going to do it for 10$

by Bill - 1 year ago

There are a few free web hosts but after trying a few, I now pay to host mine.

You can learn the entire web design skill and languages just by googling for help, that is how I did it. All of the tools are free too on the net.

by Keith - 1 year ago

Wordpress is a wonderful script and can be used for all types of websites HOWEVER ONLY if you use the Wordpress script on your own self-hosted website and not on Wordpress .com.

All my online stores are now based on the Wordpress script. There lots of info on setting up Wordpress on a self hosted website, lots of free themes, free plugins for seo, social bookmarking,security etc


by Neil - 1 year ago

Yes you can have a self-hosted site for $10 by getting both your domain name and hosting at a discount by taking advantage of a free site installation service.


by nspro - 1 year ago