How Do I get referral's on a freebie site?

Please spare me the rude comment's I don't know what site's you've been on but it's not the one I'm on so spare me and move on with your life. so does anyone have any suggestions every single freebie site ive ever been on is legit do your research and use a visa prepaid gift card only put 2 dollars on it damn just answer the question or email me

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You need to be creative, that's the only secret to getting referrals on websites.
Use your head, think of where people who havent signed up yet, or dont know about the site, could use your link to make their account.
Go on some forums, propose and sell the idea of the website and make them use your link.
Tell your friends about it, try chat-rooms.

1 year ago

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by Debbie - 1 year ago