Can someone advise for best free website to set up online store?

Selling vintage, contemp & antique items. Gifts, jewelry, furniture, handbags, etc

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Hi Rose,

I think I got a few sites perfect to see some vintage, comtemp & antique items.

Amazon, Ebay and Craigslist is the obvious platforms where you can sell.

However, is the right place to sell the stuff you've listed in your question. (Vintage, antique)

There are many other sites similar to such as:

Here is a link with 50 websites similar to Etsy, take a look at them and see which one fits your items

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i guess ebay would work.

if you mean a website that offers to create a good online shop for free. good luck. you wont find something like that.

you would need to have a very good understanding of programing to make yourself a good looking online shop without spending any money.

try out ebay. there are plenty of businesses there. just dont put stuff at $1 (at least not at first).

by Triple - 1 year ago

craigslist is the only site model that allows you to sell these items online free of charge. Ebay requires a compensations as does amazon and most other retailers. If you wanted to go solo with nop commerce you still need to pay to set that up.


by Alyse - 1 year ago



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