What is a really reliable car advertising company?

I'm looking for a company that will give you one of their cars to advertise their company or that will give your car their logos to advertise for them. I found a few but I'm not so sure they are the real deal. Can someone suggest something please? Thank you!

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I am not sure if there is one any longer.

99.9999% of the ones that you find are scams.

To my knowledge, there has never been a legit one that actually gave you an actual car.

The few legit ones that were around a few years ago were very picky on which people and cars they picked. You had to live in the right neighborhood, drive a specific model of car and drive a specific number of miles weekly.

Bottom line: If you find one online but they require any sort of fee from you, they are a scam. This will pretty much eliminate everything out there.

1 year ago