Does this looks like a fake Ugg website?

So I was browsing around for uggs on sale and I came across this website it's called does it look real? :/ I want the blush floral and short classic aqua or black . Thanks for reading :/

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I have to assume it's one of the countless fake Chinese sites, the registration information for the 2 month old site is a big flaky, they appear to own 16 other sites, including:

Note that their contact email address on the contact us page is at
Looks like has been seized, giving a "Known Counterfeit" warning.

UggsAustrailia has a page listing thousands of fake sites:

Any business only giving an email address in the contact us page should be viewed with suspicion.

UGG authorized online dealers list

Counterfeit reporting agencies given by Uggs Austrailia uk

1 year ago

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Its legit because it wouldnt be able to get copyrighted if it wasnt and if it did pass the copyright standards the ugg company would have quickly cracked down on it.


by DancergirlLove - 1 year ago

It doesn't look fake to me

by Anne - 1 year ago

I just went there and they are UGG Australia, same uggly after ski boot sold for years.

by Poppy - 1 year ago

No, it isn't a real Ugg Boots website. I found this link for you.

Hope this helps.


by tatjana - 1 year ago

It looks really real. But i dont think it is... $99 for a pair of UGGs? I don't think so... Plus, the website should not contain "ugg" excelt for Buy from the real site and search around for reviews, but beware some reviews might not be real.

by Mary - 1 year ago