I have one question about eBay?

If the final sale price has not reached to your satisfaction can you refuse and tell the buyer you do not want to sell it?
What if you don't sell it, what is eBay going to do to the seller? This isn't a casino!

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Last week I bid on an ebay item, and was prepared to bid higher near the end of the auction, if necessary. The day before the end, the "seller" cancelled all the bids. Yesterday, she relisted it beginning at the same minimum - $1. I sent her a message asking whether I would be wasting my time bidding again, but haven't received an answer (Maybe this was you).

Always, put a reserve on an item, if you can't afford to sell it for less. But keep in mind that some categories have gone down in value over the last few years.

1 year ago

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If you put a reserve price on it when you listed it. That's what a reserve IS.

by Judy - 1 year ago

Only if you placed a reserve, or if it is in a Buy-it-now or make an offer and you dont like the offer. If you set it up for bidding, you just sold it. Sorry.

by Douglas - 1 year ago

**** NO! ****

So you've managed to figure out that eBay isn't a casino all by yourself! Congrats! Now can you figure out what a LEGALLY BINDING CONTRACT is? "Alex, what is an eBay auction?"

Just get off eBay now, dipshit, and stop ripping people off before eBay throws you off. No one has any use for scammers like you.

by GinoParisian - 1 year ago