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    help me in keyword promotion?

    i have a website www.malakfunsci.com and i have main keyword "chemistry experiment". iam at first result in Google but i cant see my page in bing' all pages when i search main keyword. i have submitted site map on bing and regularly update it. what is wrong with my website
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    well, i can say your site doesn't rank anywhere near #1 on Google, at least in the United States. the thing about keywords is that they need to be used as part of the normal text construction within the body of work. stuffing keywords into the metaname/content tags in worthless. A very important place to put your main keyword(s) is in the <TITLE> tag. Also, try to place your most important keywords in the headline tags <h1, h2, etc...> Right now, you have relatively unimportant words/phrase in the <H> tags. Also, make sure all your pictures and hyperlinks include the <alt> tag, which provides textual description. Also, give the search bots a little help finding your sitemap. Use the following tag pretty much anywhere in the body: <A HREF="http://malakfunsci.com /sitemap.xml" style="display:none;">sitemap.xml</a> You can also add the <Title> tag to every <LI> item. For example: <li><a href="led/party_led.html" title="Party with LEDs">Party with LEDs</a></li> ADD your site to: http://www.dmoz.org/ nice looking site, though
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