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    Band flyer?? Newsletter..help!?

    I have to make a newsletter promoting a band tour, but i have no idea what to include in the newsletter. It has to be 4 pages long, so i need a lot of writing, photos, information etc. Can I please have some help with ideas!! This is for school by the way. Thank you! :)
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    Write lots of short articles about the band! 1) What type of music do they play? What makes them unique and different? 2) What is the band's history? How did they form? When? Where? How did the band members meet? Why did they form a band? 3) Write about interesting facts or stories about each band member. Maybe John hates cucumbers and Mary loves her pet poodle that inspires her music; whatever is fun and different about each member. Then, fill in the spaces with photos. Finally, include a section on up-coming concerts. Dates. Locations. Times. Ticket prices and where to buy them. Also, if the band has a website, YouTube videos, Facebook page, etc. where people can learn more and hear their music, be sure to include this info. Best wishes and good luck.
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