How do i generate backlinks using web 2.0?

I learnt about generating backlinks. Among the list was using web 2.0 to build backlinks. What is web 2.0 and how do i use it to build backlinks

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Hi Benny,

You must have a website / blog based on 2.0 examples wordpress, blogger, etc.. and do blog walking by leaving a positive comment without SPAM. If you want to try auto backlink you can try this one this might fit your needs


1 year ago

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Hi Benny. Web 2.0 are authority site with good ranking in search engines, you can get one from,, and more.The idea here is to build properties around these website which will like back to your blog.Visit one of the site about,create a mini web and start posting,linking back to your blog.It a cool way to get backlinks and gain authority. Here is an article that discusses how to build backlinks with web 2.0


by Apollos - 1 year ago

With the help of web 2,o you can get traffic but you have to write unique article on web 2.0 web site then you can make link wheel and start posting your links.

by Asim Ad - 1 year ago

You can get good backlinks from web2.0. But must be submit unique content.

by Subhashis - 1 year ago