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    How can I get more hits on my personal website?

    I made a website for an information technology class at school. We need at least 100 hits, but I've been having trouble generating more than 50 hits so far. What are some ways that I can get more people to view my webpage (needs to be different IP addresses)? My website is: https://files.nyu.edu/kjk315/public/why%20sell%20your%20textbooks%20on%20amazon.com.html
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    Best Answer

    Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin Bookmark Forum Bookmark sites are the fastest way to get more hits. You don't need too much time to breed the account. Facebook and twitter are very good, but you should first spend some time on your visitors and fans. Bookmark and Forum should be right for you.
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    Other Answers

    • I will suggest you to submit in social media sites, social bookmarking sites, blog sites.

      by Subhashis - 2 hours ago

    • this is the easiest thing to do. well share your web address on face book. and have it displayed on your yahoo status line and even you can have an account on such social network like tagged. then just make more friends and join more group, as that those viewers will have a look on your website and then you will have those required hits done. more you can do: have a blog on msn or yahoo or any blog and then just write some articles about whatever your site is , then peoples will hit your links and see your pages. but here is something very important to consider. are you looking for any hits or the visitors should be looking for such website content? do you want junk hits or relevant one. then , you gotta have search engine optimisition, as that your website will appear on the search engine results when peoples browsing for your website content or similar key words. there is no point of having junk hits , volume doesn't count in matter of calculating relevant hits. all your visitors should be looking for what u v got or else all those hits are just junk and useless.

      by Mar - 2 hours ago

    • I recommend you to target social networking websites as they generates huge traffic. Promote your website or service on these sites by posting unique content, this will surely help you out. Good Luck !!!

      by Vincent - 2 hours ago

    • You tube Twitter Facebook

      by Connor - 2 hours ago

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