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    How do i increase my website page rank? website based in Philadelphia usa, this website in wordpress, help me?

    My website http://idealcustomsoftware.com its current page rank is 1. i did social bookmarking, i did high page rank link exchange, i did edu link exchange then after my website page rank is still 1. how much time its take to increase my page rank. if you seo guys have any suggestions then please help me. domain age is 7 year old domain. i did lots of things then after my procedures cant help me.
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    If you use firefox, download SEOQuake. After you download it, put your domain name in firefox, on the menu bar at the far right you will have a tab called Diagnosis, this will give you some ideas about what to fix. Right now you need to fix your headings for SEO purposes. H1 is Welcome to Ideal (H1 is the most important heading, make sure to use your keywords here) H2 is our services (use keywords related to your services here) H2 is Testimonials Each page will have H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 therefore each page will have their own keywords. Just make sure to input them on each page. You don't have to do H1-H6 but at least H1-H2. You can view the SEOMoz beginner guide to SEO to help you. Its a great guide. It appears you are using Wordpress. Install SEO YOAST, this will help with your SEO efforts. Its important for you to add more content on your site. According to the diagnostic check I ran on your site you have more html than text. Try add a blog to your site this will help with creating daily content. Also, you don't have a XML sitemap. You can generate one by using the site referenced in the source section (bottom). Your site doesn't have a geo meta tag (bing {search engine} uses this but google doesn't). Also noticed that you don't have any social media links to your site. Social media is becoming a big influencer for visibility. If you create a blog, integrate social media with your postings. You can add your blog post to your facebook and twitter page. Try to get your community involved so that you can generate more blog post by listening to your followings or fans.
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    • You wont get high page rank overnight, it will take some time to show results you just have to be patient. I suggest you to lay emphasis on local business listing and social media optimization.

      by Vincent - 21 hours ago

    • Your seo page is badly written. Either it was written by someone who doesn't speak English well, or it's spun content. You're targeting some of the same keywords across your whole site. This won't help you. Your company page is written well. Talks about what you do. Great. Your description and title yammers on about "where". You've got some great keyphrases that you could target and you go on about Philly and Virginia. On one page, talk about the different areas you service. But on other pages, talk about what you do, not where you do it. Your contact page is probably the best place to do this. Some of your descriptions don't really match what your title is either. Perfect example is your contact page. Think of each page on your site as an entrance page to your site. WHat do you want the search engines to pickup? Work on getting backlinks - both follow and no follow but you don't want to be spammy about it. Make sure you're working social media.

      by | - 21 hours ago

    • The only way you can improve your websites ranking using a simple and cost effective way would be through articles. If you have your keywords ready you can visit http://www.iwriter.com/, which is one of the best article market places and have fresh articles written for you, to help you improve your websites visibility.

      by Fred Jules Kirstoff - 21 hours ago

    • http://idealcustomsoftware.com - Page rank take time, here in you question lot of expert answer you in brief all experts are right in their own way. HTML 5 Responsive Design may get top page rank, Page Rank And Search Engine Ranking two Different things. http://www.sakshiinfoway.com made in HTML 5 responsive with unique content and its page rank is 5. just think

      by Altafkhan - 21 hours ago

    • I want you to remember that your page rank, doesnt really effect the page ranking for a certain keyword. They are two different things. But if you want to, just keep building quality backlinks. Google updates the page rank a couple times a year. So just be patient and stay persistent. Good luck

      by Henry jorge - 21 hours ago

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