What is local mobile SEO?

Why businesses need it? How to implement it? I need to know.

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Mobile search is the latest method of internet searching and it is believed to shed positive impact on business when it relates to ensuring better web visibility. Mobile search is basically local and as more and more users are getting inclined towards smart phones, it is estimated that maximum number of searches will be done on mobile than computer. The affordable Local Mobile SEO provides local information results based on search queries and saves whole lot of time and money for business owners.

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I disagree SEO is a technique of improving the ranking of the web, of course, is in need of the business with the SEO business because we will be a lot of customers or visitors

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by Rizky - 1 year ago

I think local mobile seo is like doing sms or email marketing for local business.

by Asim Ad - 1 year ago

Mobile SEO refers specifically to the activities undertaken to encourage websites to rank higher in the results pages for searches conducted from mobile devices.

For local mobile SEO use fewer keywords, compress images and submit the website to the most relevant portals and listing services.

by Vincent - 1 year ago