Best Place to Advertise for Free Online?

I have a book I'd like to share with the world, and advertise. I've read up on the subject and I hear that most books don't even advertise at all, which makes sense. (I've only ever seen James Paterson advertise his books, or when the Harry Potter books were still coming out.)

Anyway!!!! I'd like to make a small fan base online, for free, to get people interested in the book. This could help a lot with sales! It only takes about 10-15k books sold within a week to make it to a best seller! And once its a best seller, just being on the list is like free advertising! (Well...more free advertising.)

I'd like to know a few websites that you think are best for creating a small following or people. Any help would be...helpful!!! ^_^ I'd prefer if it was the kind of website with lots of free browsing going around, so a person could stumble on my page more easily.

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I can suggest you a few marketing tricks:

1. Put your book at a site (you can upload it on for example)
2. Then make a facebook group and a twitter
3. post about it at forums
4. make video and put it on youtube
5. you can also pay for ads on fb, here on yahoo and so on or just do it free by answering questions
6. find in internet people who want to read something new and recommend your book

you know - if something doesn't happen it internet, it doesn't happen at all :)

hope that helps :)

1 year ago

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you can add a video Ad on youtube,
eg. of Video trailors
a good way to promote and fetch fans.

you can also write a small article or a (different)story and publish it on for free with a small draft or first four pages of your book at the end, it might fetch some attention from some ppl.
other options are blogging, facebook, twiter, advertisment on google and uploading half of ur ebook on pirated sites like torrents(extratorrent and piratebay)
Hope I helped

by trigo - 1 year ago