How can know about that my site is penalize or not?

I want to know about my website that it is penalize or not. If it is penalize then how can save my website. Please give me any direction and suggestion.
This is my site.........

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You can tell if your website has been penalized or not by either checking whether your rank drop dramatically or you disappeared from the Search Engine Result Page (taknig that you keep track of your rank).

Another option is to check your Webmasters account, you should get alerts from them whether your site got penalized.

If you are unfortunate enough to get penalized, first you must clean your site of all the bad things Search Engines don't like such as bad links, keyword stuffing and etc. Once you clean your site, visit the following link and submit a ticket to be recrawled

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If you go to and in the search box not the address bar at the top put in your web address exact url and see if your site comes up if it doesnt you have been dropped from the search engines

by Gerry Downey - 1 year ago

you will get update from Google webmaster and secondly your searches will not appear in search engine if you site will be penalize your ranking will be drop and your all keywords will be removed from search enguine

by Asim Ad - 1 year ago