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    seo procedure after panda updates in 2012?

    seo procedure after panda updates in 2012 ?
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    On-site Tactics 1. Keyword Stuffing Watch the number of times you mention ‘blue jelly beans’ on a page that’s designed to rank highly for ‘blue jelly beans’. We’re not just talking about the body content here but everything from title tags and meta descriptions down. There’s no knowing what the actual limit is but if your targeted keyword phrase is showing up more than 10 times you’re definitely in dangerous territory. 2. Almost empty landing pages It’s no good having a page with only a short paragraph of unique content just to rank for a slight variation in your keyword phrase any more. These pages are flagged up by Panda and will drag your site down in the rankings. Get rid of them. 3. Internal link blizzards Google can now you see you trying to manipulate its algorithms when you include tons of links on every page pointing to your landing pages with the anchor text you want to rank for. Only the first instance of a particular link on any page will pass page rank so delete all the others. This counts doubly for sidebar links and for… 4. Footer links Your extra large footers containing hundreds of links to your best pages are no longer doing you any favors. In fact, they stick out like a sore thumb. Sort out your site structure and use your footer links to aid navigation only. 5. Auto-generated/really badly written/scraped content ‘Many consumers are now viewing the blessings of mobile phone covers. Mobile phone covers are accomplishable in a variety of colors and designs…’ Do you have content like this on your site? Google can tell that it’s badly written and that it’s there only to fool the robots. Work towards replacing it with better content or, if it’s bring in no traffic or conversions already, deleting it altogether. 6. Spammy title tags This is a variant of keyword stuffing where you design your title tags to rank for as many terms as possible e.g. ‘Website Design | Website Designers | Web Design Company London’ You shouldn’t to do this anymore – Google now realises that all those terms are related and that a title tag like this is spammy. Concentrate on writing a good title tag that encourages clicks rather than one which ranks for as many terms as possible. 7. A different page for every keyword variation you can think of If your category pages contain links to landing pages for every variation of a keyword term you’re looking at a big Google slap sometime soon. If you’ve already got a page for ‘Star Wars Figurines’ do you really need a page for ‘Star Wars Toy Figurines’ and ‘Star Wars Plastic Figurines’ and ‘Star Wars Figures’ and ‘Star Wars Toy Figures’ etc, etc, as well? Couldn’t these pages be rolled into one? The search engines would certainly prefer it that way. Off-site Tactics 8. Exact match anchor text You should no longer be hunting for links to your site which contain exact match anchor text only. Google now sees sites with a high proportion of such links pointing to it as suspicious. Mix up the anchor texts used in links to your site to include partial matches, phrases, brand terms, ‘click here’ etc. The more varied and natural looking your anchor text profile the better. 9. Directory links Google is gradually devaluing links from web directories and in the recent updates many were penalized. While some directories still provide links of value most are now not worth the trouble of hunting and submitting links. 10. Article links The same goes for article directories – only more so. 11. Sitewide links Sidebar, footer and other sitewide links were hit massively by the recent Penguin updates. These kind of links are now incredibly dangerous and give Google massive red flags – even if they’ve been naturally acquired. The trouble is, to Google, they look like they’ve been paid for. If you’ve got loads of these pointing at your site it might be time to contact the webmasters in question and politely ask for them to be removed or replaced with a single-instance link. 12. Blog comment links Links from blog comments and forum posts stopped being valuable almost as soon as the spammers cottoned on to them. Now they’re rife with spam and Google looks on them as very suspect. Make sure they don’t constitute a significant proportion of all your backlinks and that they’re not a part of your link building strategy.
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    • For best SEO results I highly recommend using Google Search Bot: http://is.gd/gsbsoftware Employing this software package I have placed my web site to very first page of Google on a very high competitive keyword.

      by ? - 16 hours ago

    • There are some simple tools that make online SEO marketing easy. The truth is the search engine Google provides them for you for free. Use the Google keyword tool to see what prospects in your industry are looking for and then use a simple Google search to see how many results there for that search. The keyword tool will determine if there is an audience for what you are targeting in your online SEO marketing and the Google search will give you the exact amount of competition there is already out on the internet now.

      by Labony - 16 hours ago

    • The latest Panda update does target a lot of online websites. These are the websites that have their keyword as the domain name. This is what the Panda update targets and many of these websites have been de-indexed in Google.

      by clarice - 16 hours ago

    • Everybody is thinking that how can they recover from the panda update.I can not list accurately what panda has allowed and what it has banned. But we definitely have some clues regarding this. There I have listed some of the hints that will help you to get higher ranking after panda. 1. Content is made king of all: It should be original,informative that is return for users not for search engines. 2. Focus on to your competitors: Have a deep analysis of your competitors sites, what they have included, what is new in it and try to do better than that. 3. Only quality Link Building: Link building is an important process in seo.Thus, it should be keep in mind that your site should always link to some reputed site.If you fail to do this than along with the site you have taken link your site will also be penalized. 4. Spend some of your time to study caffeine: As by doing this you will definitely get some important clues to get recover from panda update and can able to maintain good ranking.

      by Kristina Wilson - 16 hours ago

    • Create genuine quality original content, don't bother with spun plr articles that are hardly readable, human site reviews is one of the checks triggered by Panda. Some paranoid webmasters are going as far as increasing their article length from the old 450 word standard to more like 600 or more words. You can find some insightful articles on Panda and Penguin on the SEOmoz blog. http://www.seomoz.org/blog

      by Jake - 16 hours ago

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