Why did my site traffic suddenly drop?

I had been consistently getting between 700-1000 views daily for the past 4-5 months. But since three days ago, my site traffic has dropped over 80% out of nowhere. What could be the cause of this?
As some additional information, most of my traffic came through Google Images or even Google Search, but now those numbers have dropped as well.


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google is always updating it's algorithms to try to remove copied content, spam content and spammy backlinks.
Whether you know it or not you may have been recieving success from google through thousands of spammy links, and google may have only just classed them now as spam.

Many seo companies will create 100,000++++ backlinks from where ever, who ever and how ever they can, so if you have used a seo company this may have been what happened. These seo companies can boost you to the top of search engines, but once they stop your site will drop like a bomb.

Or maybe you have just copied and pasted alot of content from other sites without changing anything and now google has de-indexed your site.

Try writting your content to make it uniques, add unique title tags for your pics....

Take the time to go back through your site rechecking all your on-page and off-page seo

Also take a look at google webmaster tools, alot of time they will notify webmasters if they have been majorly de-indexed


1 year ago

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Hard to say, mine has dropped as well. Maybe the China people have stopped visiting sites.

by David - 1 year ago

Are you consistently adding fresh content to the site?

Are your marketing efforts consistent and original? (if so, have you considered changing your approach - message, target market, etc.) When numbers change or drop, the first thing I look at is the marketing plan...

Are your competitors down as well? It could be the overall industry that you are in...

Or, it could be that what you have to offer is seasonal. You said "four or five months" - that might not be a long enough period to track data. You should have a more informed idea about the peaks and valleys in your traffic after a year or two. Maybe you've been operating a seasonal type business and that is why the customers seem to have left...

Have you conducted any surveys? Just because people have been coming to your site in the past, doesn't mean they all left happy. Have you been collecting data? Emails, etc.? If so, run a survey. Just ask what is going on, what they like, what they want to see more of. People will often do these surveys for free (or can be drawn in for very little money - a free ipad, for instance). Plus, surveys is a great way to drive people back to your site...

Are you offering new products and services? If not, that could be why...

Those are just a few things I thought of. Without more to go on, I can't give you any more ideas, but I'd start with looking at your marketing plan and surveying customers...

Hope this helps. Good luck!

by Timothy - 1 year ago

Google has changed it policy and you are losing traffic.

by Lynn - 1 year ago

Due to changes of google polies.


by Shaista Jabeen - 1 year ago

May your site takes time in uploading or you may have some domain problem, but it will drop too when you are involving in the spamming techniques.

by Asim Ad - 1 year ago